Genetic Alchemy

"Two of the most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why".
- Mark Twain 

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You are part of a sacred geometric fractal among humanity empowering a quantum leap in consciousness.  There are specific genetic codes within you seeking activation and expansion into a higher dimensional expression of you. A Genetic Alchemy Session is specifically designed to transport your awareness to a new vision of YOU and transcend the limitations of your lower nature. You will be introduced to the innovation within you that seeks expression and connection with those who are aligned to support your gifts in flourishing. Experience for yourself the potency of this powerful alchemical combination of wisdom, support and conscious transfiguration. More...

Become part of a community and the momentum of awakening that is empowering a quantum leap in consciousness among humanity.

Genetic Alchemy is a synthesis of these ancient and modern esoteric sciences:

The Structure & Mechanics
The Human Design System is a synthesis of mystical sciences, including: the I'Ching, Astrology, Kabbalah and the Chakras. Calculated by your birth date, time and place, Astrology pinpoints the position of planetary influences activating the 64 hexagrams of the I'Ching as personal imprints. These activations are translated into your body graph depicting your sequence of the possible 64 hexagrams as the 64 DNA codons. These are indicated as gates within specific locations of your chakra system. The defining genetic imprints form channels within the structure of the Tree of Life (aka Kabbalah) that reveals your aura type, your unique differentiation and potential as a creative movement in human form. More...

The Operating System
The Gene Keys is a spectrum of consciousness that expands your awareness and language of the genetic code, in essence, it’s the programming language of your DNA. These keys are  also vibrational archetypes that can be accessed to allow your brain and your emotions to interface with the biochemical building blocks that make up your unique genetic code. Everyone has a Golden Path within their hologenetic profile that, when followed, will reveal the shadow patterns that inhibit you and unlock your hidden genius within your intellectual, emotional and spiritual intelligence. More...

The Programming
Epigenetics is a new emerging field of science, meaning "control above the genes". DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cells and energetic messages emerging from positive and negative thoughts, not by inheritance or genes. Genes are blueprints and can be changed by feelings, perceptions and language. How you communicate with yourself, your body and others says a lot about your vibration. Your language, feelings, thoughts and environment shape your life. Applying a frequency shift to your language that is specific to you based on your unique genetic imprinting, programs your DNA to shift from lower to higher dimensional expressions and output. More...

Receive your FREE personal body graph and hologenetic profile today.  Start Here >

"A truly comprehensive and deeply relevant profile of the life "specifications" you set forth to use as the source code for your life. Because Cyndi combines the wisdom and precision of the I Ching, Astrology, Spiritual Body, the Gene Codes, with her powerful intuitive capacity, you leave the session with both answers to life-long questions about your inner life and inspired perspective of how to take advantage of the life you have designed. I recommend enthusiastically that you give this blessing and insight to yourself."
Laura Hansen, author, international speaker, and consciousness expert

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"Two of the most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why".  - Mark  Twain